Caring for your furniture

Caring For Your English Made Furniture

All natural timbers will mellow and change colour over time when subjected to direct or indirect sunlight. Your furniture also needs protecting from liquids, scratching and heat.

We therefore offer the following advice and recommendations to enhance the life of your high quality English made furniture:

  • To prevent permanent damage – shading ornaments, lamps and other items should occasionally be moved.
  • Try to avoid placing your furniture in positions that are unusually hot or damp, and position your piece as far away as possible from radiators and other direct heat sources.
  • New furniture may initially vary in shade from similar pieces that have previously been purchased, until it mellows.
  • Dining tables should be left extended for the first few months to prevent uneven shading of the leaves.
  • Liquids spilt on polished or hide surfaces should be wiped off straight away.
  • To protect against heat – hot cups and plates should not be placed directly on polished or hide surfaces, and tablemats and coasters should be used.
  • Use a protective mat when writing to prevent scratches and marking on the furniture surface.
  • Clean hide surfaces with warm water and soap. A good quality leather cream will keep leather supple.
  • Call in a professional polisher to remove serious scratches and stains.


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