Bespoke Case Study

Bespoke 10 Door Bookcase

Bevan Funnell was asked by one of our key partners in the Far East to manufacture a bespoke bookcase for them. They wanted something spectacular and we worked through our back catalogue of over 1000 designs to find their client exactly the style they were looking for. We found a bookcase from the Kent range, T170, which provided exactly the right inspiration.

From here, we developed a CAD drawing and artistic impression of what the bookcase would look like for the client. These were sent to the client for approval.

After receiving their approval, and making a few last minute changes, we began manufacturing the bookcase.

Taking just a few weeks to make, the bookcase went through an extensive polishing and finishing process with each piece being hand-finished by our own team. Finally, the bookcase was given its glazing, lights and fittings to create a truly spectacular piece. The entire bookcase is sectional and was dismantled before being labelled and crated ready for shipping.